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Willow Verkerk, PhD

Willow Verkerk is a Vancouver based scholar and author who has taught philosophy both within and outside of the academy in Europe, the UK, and Canada. She has published numerous academic essays on friendship, feminism, and gender and is the author of Nietzsche and Friendship. Recent research has been concerned with providing a new account of the human subject through the philosophical concept of mimesis. Dr. Verkerk is frequently invited to speak about her research at universities and art institutions. She is passionate about communicating to diverse audiences the thinking of the three masters of suspicion- Nietzsche, Marx, and Freud- alongside a feminist politics that illuminates the importance of philosophical honesty. Willow brings philosophical frames of meaning from the foundations and legacies of critical theory to contemporary issues in both private and public life.  In doing so, she connects thinkers in the history of philosophy to political and ethical studies that reflect upon the axes of oppression that are relevant today.

Talking with Women
The Mimetic Subject


On Femininity and its Falsehoods
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