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Talking with Women 


Willow Verkerk interviews ten women and asks them a series of questions about love, death, work, and identity. Inspired by the 1965 book called Talking to Women by Nell Dunn, Willow invites new and old friends to share some of their most personal thoughts about living an intellectual life that is politically and creatively engaged.

The Mimetic


How can we understand gender identity today in relation to the changing landscape of sexual difference?  This project argues that the concepts of performativity, plasticity, and inclination, when viewed through the unifying lens of mimesis, provide the best tools to tackle the question of gender identity in philosophical terms which are sensitive to contemporary conditions.

On Femininity

and its Falsehoods

Femininity still resonates with the form of woman, the symbol of the birthing, sexing, and mothering human. But is this an association that we want to keep? Is there still a necessary relationship between being feminine and being a woman? This book weaves together feminist theory, philosophical questions, and personal narrative to question the meaning of femininity today.

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